I’m available for individual PT and group fitness training.

Training with me is convenient, effective and always friendly. Each paid programme includes nutritional advice and online support. For a number of years I’ve been working to improve the fitness and lives of all kinds of people, each with their own goals, objectives and challenges. We’ve had some great results together and my clients feedback is very rewarding. Let me help plan and deliver your fitness journey today and see the results for yourself!

Please find an overview of the types of training I can offer below:

Group Training

Training in a group environment is both motivational and cost effective. Maybe you have a group of friends or colleagues that share a common goal?

If so get in touch as we can start a program that helps you and your peers along the way to a fitter future.

1-2-1 Individual Fitness Training

For pure focus on yourself, it does not get better than dedicated one to one sessions.

This ensures you have my full attention for the duration of the session.
We work hard together in order to maximise your time and therefore you achieve maximum results in the minimum time.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise – new mums and mums to be!

Keeping active through the stages of pregnancy can really help with a number of key areas. Regular fitness sessions are also a great way to stay socially mobile.

Many new mums have found that simple exercises are great stress relievers. With regular training post baby, they’ve quickly returned to their previous desired size and shape.

Nutritional Guidance and Programmes

Because all that hard work training is wasted unless you have a sensible nutrition plan in place.

So starting with the fundamentals of a good balanced diet, I help you understand the basics.

From this foundation we can therefore create an approach to your food that helps build an understanding of what you need to fuel yourself.
This is crucial in order to achieve your goals, otherwise you’ll hinder them!

I help my clients get their macronutrients right (carbs, fats and proteins), providing them a well balanced and varied diet which is easy to keep to and one which will boost results made in the gym! 

Nutritional guidance is individualised and can change over a course of 12 weeks as your needs change as you progress.

“I started working with Adam in April.By July I already had impressive results with my fat % falling from 11.6% to 8.7%In our last meeting in November my fat % had fallen even further and muscle increased.
People seeing me keep telling me I have made impressive progress as well.
Adam’s program was really hard but extremely effective and the results I am getting are speaking by themselves.I have worked with a number of PTs and Adam is the best I ever worked with. He has very deep knowledge of the subject and he is very professional.
He is also great in explaining the exercises and giving instructions.
Moreover, his programs are always very well presented and written instructions are also clear and easily understood.
I am extremely satisfied by our cooperation and the results and I strongly suggest him to anyone that is looking for a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer”.

Michael Chalaris

Online Personal Training and Programmes

As we live in this ever connected world, you want to be able to tap into support at a time that suits you.

Therfore clients with busy lives really benefit from my flexible online training plans and support. In fact it’s usually a perfect fit.

Whilst I cannot be on call all the time, my clients have support around the clock. This means they can ask questions at times that suit them. Within a short time, sometimes immediately, clients can get answers that are tailored to their needs.

Start your fitness journey with me today!
Simply call or text me on 07745 560 690