I train people of all abilities and fitness levels

Each and every client of mine is motivated and dedicated to their fitness plan.

  • We work hard together and I like to keep them happy and driven!
  • Many tell me that it is not so much the physical transformation that they appreciate, but more the overall feeling of well-being.
  • Improved sleep and rest time post training, helps to create a balance to the vibrancy that improved fitness and wellness brings.

I came to Adam about 5 months ago.

Slightly nervous and sceptical that I would see any visible results. I’ve always been very slim and unable to bulk up. 

Adam really understands my goals and the results I have achieved to date are largely due to his perfect combination of training method.

Setting challenging targets, individualised exercise programme and dietary advice.

Every session with Adam brings some new, exiting challenge and gives me an extra piece of motivation.

If you were ever thinking of enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer,  you could not find one better than Adam !

Thank you for your constant encouragement and dedication!!!

Bart: private client

I literally cannot get enough.  It is also thanks to my PT Adam! He makes me work my arse off in sessions, but also makes me feel confident whilst doing my workouts and about myself

Pamela Andrews

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